Mama’s Day Goodies


For Mother’s Day I decided cupcakes were a must. My mama loves the flavor combination of dark chocolate and raspberry, so this recipe from one of my favorite baking bloggers was perfect. If you love baking, or just love looking at fabulous photos of cakes and confections you MUST go check her out. Everything she makes is adorable and inpsirational. She’s extremely talented.

Now, back to the cupcakes. This chocolate cake recipe is by far the moistest I have in my collection. Swiss meringue buttercream is a favorite of mine. It does take a bit more work than traditional American buttercream, but it’s worth it in the end. Don’t be intimidated by it, embrace it, and than eat all of it when you’re done. I have an electric stove so I’ve managed to burn eggs in just about everything on the stove (i.e pastry cream, SMB.. everything you can think of. Everaythang? YES eve-ray-thang.) You just need to take your time and it will all come together. I’ve learned how my stove top works best for me, so you just need to figure out what way will work best for you.

Rosie’s recipe called for raspberry puree or chopped, fresh raspberries. I just used a few tablespoons of seedless raspberry preserves. We’re all friends here and friendship needs honesty, so I’m required by the laws of friendship to tell you that I was just too lazy to make puree. My grocery store doesn’t have it for some God awful reason. I also wanted to eliminate any chances of raspberry clogging up my piping bag because I was using one of my dads old Ateco tips. I couldn’t tell you the size because I don’t pay attention, but it’s a bit bigger so I’m sure clogging wouldn’t have really occured much. They’re sharp, and they hurt my dainty fingers. My dad acutally used to decorate cakes. He even did it when he was in the army and won 2nd place in a cake decorating competition. Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit his awesome cake decorating ability, but I did inherit his old cake tools.

My name is Siobhan and I can’t frost a cake. Welcome to Can’t Crumb Coat Anonymous.

Hence, why I stick to good old cupcakes. I was going to include the recipe here, but I think you’d much rather check it out on her blog because she has tons of pictures (and her cupcakes came out way prettier).


I also made my mom a sugar scrub. I started making them last summer with this recipe. We both love it! You don’t need to moisturize after you get out of the shower with this stuff either because of the coconut oil and jajoba oil. This time around I added some organic grapefruit oil to it – it smells even more delicious. I picked the prettiest rose petals to match the scent, too.

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